So what do I have?

1. Website Building tools.

2. Security.

3. Hosting Packages.

4. Do you require an Online Store?

5. Where to Advertise?

6. Target Marketing.


The other day I found a LARGE number of ways to make money online, from signing up for this and promoting that - You can do just about anything these days online to make money.


Every Tom, Dick and Harry is jumping on this bandwagon and trying to con the average Joe out of $47 to join this opportunity or $399 to make a million.


1. So Website Building Tools - L@@K ----->

Now the 1&1 service is fantastic - they have set up their systems to help you design your website yourself with easy templates and you can insert your own industry specific text and images.

More Tools - yola have simple to use services and also have a team in house to do it all for you!

<----- L@@K


Both of these companies can help you start your business as a newcomer or really showcase your business as a sessioned professional;


2. In various places around this page there are adverts for AVG Internet Security. Now there are Free versions of this and there are also paid versions - I use the paid version as this gives you "High performance anti-virus protection for complete peace of mind".


3. Hostings Packages - These are the companies that provide you with your "Website Name" or they can do everything for you.


This has to be chosen wisley - If you are to promote a product then you don't want to give off the wrong impression with a name that could mean something else?


4. Online Store - This is an interesting one - Are you going to sell products?

YES - Then Yahoo, Google, PayPal and many more gave these facilities, but be aware as all of them have charges so if you have priced your products keenly then you will have to build in these costs to your final pricing.


5. Where to advertise? This is a Million Dollar question. You have to look at what you are offering and then look at which market would be best for your product. have a look at some of the places I have chosen and see if any of them are right for you.


6. Target Marketing - This is similar to 5. Look at your market and then right the correct add for that market - Sounds easy but it isn't, so you might need some help with this one.

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